Second Sight is a virtual data analyst, an advanced digital system that brings data-informed optimisation for the game industry.

For game developers, Second Sight currently offers a free a visualization tool in our Early Access to help you understand your player pipeline, from newbie to hardcore. We’ll help you discover who your players really are: how they play, what issues they’re facing and how you can up your game to improve theirs. Connecting Second Sight to any game analytics tool will give you immediate insights, translating all of that raw data into meaningful, actionable solutions. These can then be incorporated into your games to craft a better experience for your players.

Beyond our visualization tool, Second Sight is currently building more interpretive analytics and machine learning algorithms to help you detecting early engagement problems and automatically suggest solutions to fix them. Our goal is to for Second Sight to learn how each player plays and help developers adjust the game differently for individual player. We’ll bring the next evolution of truly ‘individual’ game play!
For companies building Serious Games or other game related projects, Second Sight can employ the same smarts we’ve built for other games to help you understand your players’ retention and engagement or any other key metrics you’d like to measure. We can also build custom machine learning and AI services to segment and target your players per your specific needs. We’ll bring our wealth of knowledge for game design and game analytics at a deep level to your game, and help you build a fun and engaging game for audience.

Let us help you make your players happier. Apply for the Early Access here or contact us at

The Core Team

Christina Chen
Christina Chen has a diverse history in the tech and games industries, engineering cluster computing at Microsoft, co-founding games publisher Surprise Attack, adapting US games for the Chinese market at PopCap and more. She has seen the rise of web and data analytics in the games industry and is passionate about bringing effective and affordable access to game developers of every kind, not only the largest multinational companies.

Frequently speaking at tech, startup, data and games industry events and consulting on monetization and user experience, Christina designed Second Sight to bring player insights to the everyday game developer.


Mandy Bo


Mandy Bo is a multidisciplinary designer, specialising in games, visual and UX design.

As a traditional and digital artist, as well as a qualified game designer, Mandy specialises in supporting vibrant teams with a strong vision. She adores story-driven games, with experience across mobile and PC development. Storytelling, communications and visual narratives inspire all forms of her work.

Muhammad - Founder of Tech House AU

Tech House AU is a full-stack end-to-end service delivery outfit. We help startups bootstrap by taking care of their technical needs while Founders focus on dissemination and growth aspect of their entrepreneurial journey. From UX to DevOps and everything in between, we have a dedicated team of experienced engineers who specialise in delivering most critical technical infrastructure for startups.

Muhammad is a Software Architect at University of Melbourne and Founder of Tech House AU – a full-stack end-to-end service delivery outfit, that specialises in delivering most critical technical infrastructure for startups. Muhammad has worked on a range of projects across a range of disciplines including the life sciences, the arts and humanities, urban and built environment ,telecommunication and enterprise resource planning domains. He specialises in High Performance Computing and has extensive experience in delivering technical infrastructures for multi-million dollar mega projects. As Founder of Tech House AU, Muhammad helps startups realise their vision by providing strategic technical consultation, problem solving and full-stack software engineering services.

Data Scientist: Our current data scientist is going to work on other projects and we’re opening a position soon for anther residential Data Scientist while our current one will support us for any existing projects.

Marketing: We’re supported by game industry marketing consultants at Lumi Consulting.