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Second Sight

Second Sight helps you discover your true fans, how they play, and how you can up your game to improve theirs.


Easy to import, easy to get started. No need to integrate yet another SDK – Second Sight can import your data from your existing analytics tools, so you can skip the waiting and go straight to the insights.

We currently support Unity Analytics and App Annie with many other analytics tools integration coming soon to the platform.

Second Sight | Hassle-free data integration 

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Remove the ambiguity of reading data.

We lay out the plans to improve your game, step-by-step, so you know exactly what to do next.

What are our customers saying?

  • “We succeeded in creating a game that players love and play often, but as with any project it had deficiencies, some we knew of and many we didn't. Second Sight has helped to identify problem areas and to isolate those that meet two important criteria: those that are easy to fix, and those that make a significant difference. Ultimately, they've helped us to drastically improve our monetisation in a really short period of time. The team are friendly and keen to see us succeed, and we love working with them.”
    Simon JoslinSimon JoslinCreative Director at The Voxel Agents
Who are we?

Second Sight

Second Sight helps game developers understand their players.

Deriving meaningful information from a game analytics tool is a challenge, but we are here to help. The Second Sight team has created a free analytics dashboard so developers can get a simple, easy to understand health check for their games, including tips on how to improve their player experience and use their data effectively.

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